E-Homeschool Learning Center


E-Homeschool Learning Center

Our Vision

To be the leader in online learning resources, tutorials, and tools for homeschool parents across the world.

Our Mission

To be used by The Most High to assist homeschool parents with effective and affordable educational resources and support homeschool students in their growth and development across the world.


I’m teacher Chanda Brown (BIT, M.Ed.) a homeschool mom, who has navigated the homeschool world for over three years now. You might say that isn’t a long time, but as a professional educator for over 15 years and a master’s in education, it didn’t take long for me to realize how unique the homeschool world is.

In my first year, I struggled. You may ask, “Why?” I have a master’s in education, I’ve been teaching one on one and in classroom sessions for years. Well, my son was entering second grade when we started, and I didn’t know where to begin. I did what all researchers do, I researched every curriculum, went to a homeschool workshop, became of member of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), read every legal document I could find on HSLDA’s website about homeschooling, etc. I had no one in my circle who had ever went this route of homeschooling, therefore it was me and The Most High (TMH). I learned over time, TMH, the right resources, support, and tools were all I needed.

This is how eHomeschool Learning Center came into existence. Teaching my 2nd grader back then and now a soon to be 6th grader. I learned some fundamental things and tools I wish I would have had access to when I first started, or even a few years in, all in one place. Using my background, education, and experience, eHomeschool, was born. I was able to put some tools together to assist you in teaching your child(ren) with confidence! We’re a learning center for not only our homeschoolers, but mostly you, the homeschool parent(s). That’s why eHomeschool, is centered around those fundamental things and resources I wish I had in one place, right at my fingertips.

Experienced Educator

For a visual and auditory learner, when studying fractions. You show 5 big red apples and then circle 3 apples. You ask, “How many apples do we have altogether, this is the bottom number, it’s called the denominator, how many apples did we circle, this is the top number, it’s what we are talking about, it’s called the numerator.”

The eHomeschol Learning Center (eHLC) platform, has parent tutorials, you can choose to watch. They’re short tutorials on a specific topic that matches your child’s learning style. Then you’ll have the tools you need to teach your child(ren) that topic yourself. It also provides 20-25 minutes student tutorials; you can choose for your child to watch. The lessons taught are on specific topics in a subject that matches their learning style. The eHLC, online platform will have video conference tutoring, as well. You can schedule time for subjects you would like your child to receive additional support in. The eHLC provides worksheets, example tests, lesson ideas, and schedules for fifth grade Language Arts and Mathematics. However, the video conference tutoring is available for 2nd – 5th grade, subjects in language, math, and reading.

When I was an educator the first thing we were taught to do was, find out what type of learners we were teaching. I did that with Elijah, my 11 yr old, back when he was in 3rd grade. This made both of our lives easier. I also learned how to take off “mommy hat” and put on “teacher hat”, yes, there is a difference. Now, you can see how my first year of homeschooling was, difficult? Yes, I didn’t take the time to understand how my son learned and I didn’t separate “mommy hat” from “teacher hat”. Mommy hat is, do this, do that, just do it this way, or do it like this. Does that sound familiar? Teacher hat is not about “you”, it’s about the “student.” It’s knowing how your child learns best and making your lessons fit their learning style or styles.

Follow Elijah and I on our homeschool journey from now until he graduates. We will add a new grade each year. If The Most High says so, we will go back and add 2nd-4th grade tutorials as well.

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